BWB Publishing and Bard Constantine are proud and excited to announce the launch of Torment of Tantalus, the second installment in the terrifying Aberration series.


Bard Constantine returns to the surviving characters of his popular horror novel the Aberration for an even more immersive experience into inter-dimensional terror. The barriers preventing the ages-old threat of invading forces from the Other side are deteriorating, and the paladins that once protected humanity are all but wiped out.

Michael McDaniel desperately wants to move on after his harrowing experience with the last Aberration, but he finds a normal life impossible. Abducted by a clandestine government agency, isolated from his family, and subjected to severe psychiatric conditioning, he teeters on the edge of sanity and madness. His only way out is the last thing he wants to do: volunteer to enter into another Aberration.

Elena Ruiz is a disgraced soldier looking to prove herself in the private military industry. She wants nothing more than to forget about her past and concentrate on a better future, but she is haunted by her mother’s untimely death and her father’s response to it. Accepting employment for a newly-formed agency is a risk she believes will pay off, but the expedition is into unknown territory, where neither her sanity nor her life are guaranteed to survive.

Nathan Ryder has embarrassed worldwide intelligence agencies with his uncovering of the Blurred Man conspiracies. Under intense scrutiny and pressure, he agrees to take the chance of a lifetime: prove his theories by accompanying an expedition into the Aberration’s source in the Bermuda Triangle. There he will come face to face with the mysterious Blurred Man, and witness something even more chilling: the end of all things.

Horror continues to evolve in an epic clash where the greatest threat may not be the darkness outside, but the darkness within.

Kindle version is available for purchase on 8/7/17. Paperback version available very soon. Get your copy today!


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