Time flies, doesn’t it?

Between personal commitments and actual writing, I haven’t been as active online with alerts, blog posts, or clever repartee with my awesome readers the last few weeks.

But trust me, progress has been made.

Letters tagged one another to become sentences; sentences formed groups to become paragraphs, paragraphs expanded into chapters, and chapters conglomerated into a manuscript. Months of keyboard pounding, fingers cramping, cuticles bleeding; months of agonizing over word choice, dialogue, plot structure, coherency, overall consistency…finally culminated in a finished novel.

It’s called the Aberration: Torment of Tantalus. Picking up shortly after the events of the original novel, it expands on the concept of the Aberration, exploring its origin and what may exist on the other side of the deadly Threshold it opens. You’ll get to spend time with Michael and Guy once more, along with a slew of other characters to either root for or against in their fight for survival against the terrors of the new Aberration.

What’s different this time around? The scope is larger. The original dealt with a specific, isolated location: a flour mill. This time we see the ramifications, how the ripples have spread from that event, touching everything from public awareness to clandestine privatized military corporations. I compare the two novels as similar to the films Alien and Aliens. Fans of the movies will get the point.

So, how can you get your hands on a copy of Torment? The book will be available for purchase on Aug 7. You can pre-order the e-book right now on Amazon if you don’t want to miss the launch. If you’re a blogger or a reviewer and want an advance copy, feel free to contact me for details. It’s also not too late for beta readers, so if you’re good at catching elusive mistakes or providing feedback on overall structure, there’s still a few weeks left for that as well. Contact me if you’re interested.

Hope you’ll be able to pick up a copy, no matter what avenue you choose to get one. In the meantime, check out the gorgeous cover art constructed by Damonza, and the description of the upcoming story below. See you soon!



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The Aberration: Special Edition contains the original novel plus three related short stories: The Blurred Man, The Blurred Man: Gestalt, and Nemesis.

2016 pubs


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Bridge the gap to Torment of Tantalus by reading the related short stories. (Nemesis available only on Special Edition or Wattpad.)

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