This is a little different.

I’ve been considering delving into audio territory for a while. Audiobooks become more popular every year as people take their love of books with them to places where they don’t actually read books: the gym, the car, the lobby/purgatory where you wait to renew your driver’s license.

Starting with the Aberration was a no-brainer. It’s a quick read, it’s in the ever-popular genre of horror, and it was the novel I published to begin my writing career. Fitting that it be first on audio as well.

I went about finding the best (most economical, that is) way of producing a quality audiobook. I don’t have access to a studio, nor do I own the equipment to create my own quality audio feed. I say quality because it certainly is easy to buy a microphone and record yourself reading. Just like it’s easy to buy a microphone and record yourself singing. Doesn’t make you a recording artist, right? Right.

So I had the audiobook produced at ACX, where I enlisted Scott Dai to do the recording/narration. Scott does a fantastic job, which I’m sure lovers of the audiobook will enjoy.

The Aberration audiobook is available on Amazon and soon will be on iTunes, so be sure to nab a copy for yourself. To celebrate the launch, I’m giving away five copies to lucky entrants. Be sure to enter below to win!

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