If you’re reading this, congratulations: you made it out of 2016. Time to put your behind in your past, and your past behind you. For many it’s a time for resolutions. You know: lose weight, quit smoking, save money…the usual.

I don’t think much of resolutions. To me they’re like diets: either it’s a lifestyle, or it’s a fad. If you want to lose weight and/or get in shape, you have to make the right changes, adapt the right habits, and work hard at making it a part of your daily/weekly routine. Same with resolutions.

So when another year begins, I take a look at changes that I need to make in order to improve myself. And boy, do I need improvement, in a number of different ways. But I’ve narrowed down the solution to a rather simple-yet-tough factor: self-discipline.

If you want to get specific things done, you have to sacrifice some things you prefer doing. Things like lazing around, aimlessly browsing online, playing video games, eating sugary snacks and drinks…

You get the point. There are quite a few things I can do differently in order to not just set goals, but achieve them. Since this is a writer’s blog, I’ll focus on writing. Surely I can get more done by spending less time browsing online and more time dedicated to pure storytelling. Institute scheduled writing time and stick to it. All it takes is some self-discipline and dedication. In the end I’ll enjoy a greater volume of written words, and have more quality time developing and enjoying my craft. Not to mention getting books out faster and more often to the readers. It’s a win-win.

Which brings me to the illustration featured above. It’s by George Grie, one of my favorite artists for inspiring art. His work often focuses on the surreal aspects of the mind. This one is called Last Wave, or Fighting the Giants. Why the two names, I don’t know. But the name isn’t so important as the art, anyway.

I love this piece. It’s my wallpaper for all computers at home and at work, as well as my phone. I change my wallpaper only once a year, so I try to use something that works well with my mindset at the start of the year. That way every time I see it, it’s a subtle reminder. In this case, a new year is like sailing into uncharted waters. That kind of exploration takes dedication. It takes discipline. It takes hard work and sacrifice, but you never know what treasures may await unless you dare to brave the elements.

And that’s what I’d like to do. Nothing complicated, just keep it simple yet productive. What about you? What changes are you planning on making this year? Let me know!



My name is Bard Constantine, and if you’re reading this you already know that Bard Writes Books.