Pretty amazing to think this year is already more than halfway over. It’s been a while since I last updated, partly because I’ve been quite busy these last couple of months. But also partly because blogging is still at the bottom of my totem pole of creative pursuits. Not cool, but at least I can admit it. That’s the first step to recovery, right?

Still, I’m excited by my latest release: The Paradoxical Man. Not only is it an entry for a series of nine other stories by my talented peers at the Alvarium Experiment, but it was also a chance to create a central point that connects all of what I’ve written so far. So trust me: plenty of Easter eggs for readers of my previous works to unearth. Check it out if you get a chance.

A short story that costs practically nothing. What’s to lose?

To make the deal even sweeter: if you act fast, you can also pick up last year’s effort, The Blurred Man, for free. Aug. 15-17 only, so you’ll have to go back in time to get it if the date is past.



Also, there are a few readers out there who completely despise the Evil Empire of Amazon, and for that reason don’t purchase books for Kindle, the main outlet of my titles. Well, my Rebels: good news for you. Special editions of my works are available at other outlets, and more will be on the way. For now, the Shadow Battles saga and The Aberration has a special edition. The Troubleshooter will be next, updates on that soon. Look for them wherever you buy books, or you can find their published locations by clicking on the books below.

Eye  The Aberration

Everfell and Champion combines the first two novels of the Shadow Battles in a single edition, and The Aberration includes two related short stories: Nemesis and the Blurred Man.

That’s the update for now. At the moment I’m working hard on Torment of Tantalus, the sequel to The Aberration. Hope to have it available for a November release. And the special edition of The Troubleshooter will arrive soon as well, along with a brand new Mick Trubble short. And lastly, look for a peek at an all-new Haven in the novel Vigil, which expands on the world the Troubleshooter takes place in. More info to come!


As always, my name is Bard Constantine and if you’re reading this you already know that Bard Writes Books.