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This weekend I’m offering my fantasy novel The Darkest Champion free for Kindle readers and apps. The synopsis:

The saga that began with the Eye of Everfell continues in The Darkest Champion.

The kingdom of Leodia in chaos after their beloved king’s murder. Disgraced knight Marcellus Admorran is missing, while rumors run wild of a dark rider that stalks the night. As the land is smothered by winter, Nyori Sharlin tries to protect Eymunder, the powerful artifact that is the key in the struggle against the immortal king that pursues her. Her companions are the Huntsmen, warriors that dare to battle the akhkharu, but at least one among them may be a traitor.

In the Forbidden City, Alaric Aelfvaldar gathers his people together to prepare for war against the forces of men and their figurehead, the dark and powerful Reaver. Yet infighting and deceit threatens to topple his fragile alliance before the battle even begins.

And on the other side of the Dragonspine, vindictive warlord Valdemar Basilis musters the greatest army Leodia has ever faced. In the end, only the force with the darkest champion may survive the inevitable confrontation.

Pick up The Darkest Champion here.

I hope you will enjoy this latest installment in the Shadow Battles series. And as a bonus, the debut novel is featuring an accompanying sale on the same dates. So don’t forget to nab the Eye of Everfell before it reverts to full price.

The Eye of Everfell 01

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