Something new is on the horizon.

Readers may remember The Prometheus Saga, a project I was proud to be a part of last year. If not, in a nutshell it was an alvarium experiment involving twelve authors writing thirteen non-linear stories about a singular alien character that lived on Earth across the ages.

prometheus saga

Working with this assortment of writers was a remarkable experience for me. Not only did it showcase the camaraderie shared by indie, hybrid, and traditional writers, but it was also an opportunity to be involved in a experimental form of collaborative writing. I was pleased with the final result, which allowed me to contribute The Blurred Man, a short tale which not only fit with the Prometheus premise, but also established a bridge from The Aberration to its upcoming sequel, Torment of Tantalus.

With that in mind, I’m pleased to report the launch of another collaborative series: Return to Earth. Like the Prometheus Saga, it is an assortment of writers offering vastly different takes on a singular premise:

“Earth’s story is littered with fantastic tales of alien contact, both past and future. Some of these tales bring light and hope, while others make us shiver with horror. But what happens when the foreign visitors look remarkably like us? How will the world react when instead of extraterrestrials, it’s humans who return to earth?”

It’s a simple premise that allow for an endless amount of possibilities. And with the talented group of writers I’m privileged to be included with, I know the final stories will be just as compelling as those from the Prometheus Saga.

The launch will be Aug. 15th, so look for more updates coming soon. I’m so excited! And my contribution to the series? It’s a tale entitled The Paradoxical Man. Intrigued? I hope so.

More to come, including cover reveals, so stay tuned!