Hope everyone had a fantastic April, no fools required! This month has been a busy one. I’ve been working hard on the sequel to The Aberration, called Torment of Tantalus. Hope to have it available by July. I’ll keep you posted. Meanwhile, there’s still plenty to talk about, like the summer movie season kicking off with Captain America: Civil War! I’ll be there on the sixth and will be sure to write a review. Here’s hoping it will be better than the rather dismal Dawn of Justice.


In this review of April, you get a chance to get personal with Mark Krajnak, look at the process of developing striking book covers, and even discuss and little fandom controversy. Hope you enjoy, and see you again in May!


 Meet Mark Krajnak

Ever wonder who the man is on those eye-catching Troubleshooter covers? Learn more about the man under the fedora in this riveting interview!

Evolution of a Book Cover

Think coming up with the perfect book cover is easy? If you voted, yes, you might be half right.

 What Is a Mary Sue?

Fanboy outrage ensues when another female lead is cast in a Star Wars film. Okay, but what’s this whole ‘Mary Sue thing, anyway?

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