Yes, this March edition is late because I was on vacation and I’m not apologizing 🙂

What’s new? Have you seen Batman vs Superman yet? Short review: skip it, unless you love dark, joyless, murderous superheroes.  Hey, there’s something for everyone.

Enjoying Springtime? I know it might not feel like it in some places, but I hope everyone is enjoying the new season and avoiding those pollen allergies. This time of year brings new beginnings and rebirth to mind: a good time to consider those goals and dreams we may have left neglected in the attic somewhere. It’s never too late to start, remember that!

This issue features an interview with author Jade Kerrion, along with a breakdown on how you make a difference when you use your words to aid your favorite authors. And time to get scary with a peek at where The Aberration sprang from.



Meet Jade Kerrion


The award-winning author of the Double Helix series gets candid about sci-fi, romance, and the publishing industry.

You Make a Difference


Sure, authors write novels. But your words have a major impact as well. Find  out how.

 The Accidental Horror Story

Learn the circumstances behind The Aberration, and what’s in store for the upcoming sequel.


And that’s a wrap! This month you can look forward to more news, reviews, and interviews creative people can use. In the meantime, my name is Bard Constantine and if you’re reading this you already know Bard Writes Books.