Still thinking of creative uses for this blog, so I think I’ll do a weekly share on images that I think are perfect for book covers. I’m obsessed with art, particularly art that shares the same speculative elements I look for in my favorite books. So quite naturally I’m always scouring the Net for awesome art that would be perfect for book covers.

When it comes to book covers, I like to see at least one of three things:

1)An eye-catching image

2)A rendering of at least one of the main characters

3)An idea of what kind of book I’m buying.

I’ve seen this image for years, so I thought I’d share it first. I’ve used it as a personal avatar a few times, especially during my ‘Bard of Darkness’ years of writing poetry. I was pleased to track down the author, Peter Bergting, who does professional illustrative work for book covers and graphic novels.




What I like about this image is that it instantly grabs your attention. The mysterious masked figure could be hero or villain. He (or she) appears powerful, and the book in hand lends knowledge or great learning to the person. And yet the individual could also be skilled in combat as well, judging by the armor. The artistic circle centers the piece, drawing the eye to the image, and the darkness of the figure stands out clearly from the background. All it needs is a title and author’s name and it would be perfect for a fantasy novel featuring a mysterious, powerful hero or anti-hero.

This piece of art includes all three elements I noted from the beginning. The picture is eye-catching, the figure is perfect for a title character, and it is definitely well suited for a fantasy novel, or even a dystopian/sci fi space opera.

Make sure to check out more of Peter Bergting’s work at his website.

More perfect covers are featured in my Pinterest board of the same name. My name is Bard Constantine, and if you’re reading this you already know Bard Writes Books.