Happy Leap Day, everyone! Hope you made the most of it. This issue I’m keeping my promise to share the spotlight with an interview with speculative fiction writer H. Leighton Dickson, (a fave of mine) and a guest post on noir film and its impact on dieselpunk culture by Sarah Zama, whose debut novel is coming in March.

Oh, and there’s also a bit on the return of the Troubleshooter. In Little White Bird, Mick Trubble is faced with his most bizarre case yet when he investigates a missing child  and encounters a street tough named Pan. Peter, you say?

February Articles:

Culture Clash

In this no-holds-barred interview, author H. Leighton Dickson tackles Chinese mythology, sexism in writing, and Captain Kirk wisdom.


Get Punked

Dieselpunk is a fast-growing culture, so get caught up with Sarah Zama as she discusses how it and film noir are kissing cousins.

Shoot Trouble

Back by popular demand, Mick Trubble’s latest case takes him on a capter involving a street tough named Pan, a probation officer named Hooke, and a high-flying caper involving flying airships. Sound familiar? Didn’t think so, Ace.

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And lastly, find out how an accidental horror story was created. That wraps up the February edition, hope your year is running like well-oiled gears so far. As always, my name is Bard Constantine and if you’re reading this you already know Bard Writes Books.