Looking back at my post this time last year, I’m happy to say I nearly accomplished all of my literary goals. The only thing I didn’t do was publish the sequel to The Aberration, because revisions on The Darkest Champion took longer than expected.

That’s writing. Could be worse. Three publications in one year ain’t too shabby.

So what’s in store for this year? A few projects. Taking a look at my all inclusive KDP experiment has been interesting. In the end, I believe I’ll do better opening at least some of my library to be non-exclusive, and will be developing a plan to be able to make my work available across multiple formats. Not abandoning KDP completely, but as the wise meme says:


That means collected volumes, starting with Everfell and Champion, which combines books one and two of the Shadow Battles.


Quick story: I originally purchased the above art from Melissa Krauss at Art by Mel. (If you’re a writer of fantasy, you should definitely check out her website, full of absolutely stunning work at very affordable pricing. Or commission her for an exclusive work like I did and tell her I sent you!)

The depiction is of Nyori Sharlin, a pivotal character from the books. And as you can see, the rendition is jaw-dropping. It’s so good that I now picture Nyori as this version instead of the one originally in my head. The messed up part was that I decided to go for an illustration of both Nyori and Marcellus, depicted in a painting style that evokes the novels I grew up with. The covers by Shen Fei are fantastic, of course. But I regretted not being able to use this fantastic art for anything outside of promo art.

Problem solved. And the world is a better place because of it 🙂

The Eye of Everfell and The Darkest Champion are available separately, but they were originally written as a single novel before I split them up for practical reasons. Now they can be read as they were originally written. If you haven’t purchased the novels, save a buck or two and purchase them collectively. The collection is already available at Amazon and will be on all other major retailers in e-format soon. (Secret: savvy folks can download it at a discounted rate from Smashwords right now in any e-format. Use the code XX98W at check out.) A print edition is in the works as well.

And of course it was only a matter of time before a collected Troubleshooter volume shows up.


This will feature a collection of prequels The Wise Man Says and Red-Eyed Killer along with a couple of new stories for the fans. It will be followed by a combined edition of the self-titled debut novel along with The Most Dangerous Dame. Look for Mick Trubble to reappear around mid-year.

And finally, new Aberration material. First off, there will be a special edition of the Aberration, which will include the Prometheus series tie-in story, The Blurred Man along with another short story, Nemesis, originally published in the In Shambles anthology.

The Secret (1)

The special edition will be quickly followed by Torment of Tantalus, the long-delayed sequel to the Aberration. I hope to deliver the new material by April. Will I be able to deliver the same chills as the original novel? You’ll be the judge.


And after that it’s back on the fantasy track with The Wayward Crown, Book Three of the Shadow Battles. I will try very hard to have it finished by December, but I can make no promises. For as George RR Martin will tell you, these things take time.


The collections and special editions will be made available in all formats, so if you hate Kindle and Amazon, you may crack a smile. In the past, 90% of my sales generated from Kindle, so I’ll see how well things go with my new approach. In the meantime, I’ll keep you posted.

And that’s my literary goals for 2016. What about you? What will you accomplish this year? I’d love to know!