I used to dream of writing. Now I write my dreams.

I don’t always remember my dreams, but when I do they’re usually pretty cinematic. Last night was more a video game/sci-fi movie as I cruised in some hybrid of a tank and motorcycle (you read that right) and wreaked havoc on some military targets in an unknown dystopian African city.

Not much subtlety there, but that’s how my dreams are, sometimes. I don’t question the why, and I don’t get philosophical about the so-called ‘meaning’ behind them. But I definitely made sure I wrote it down before the details faded, because I have a tendency to think my dreams reflect my writing mind unleashed. I dream as I write, which is mostly fantasy and science fiction. Two nights ago I dreamed of my best friend volunteering for an experimental program to accelerate his intelligence. Did the experiment go horribly wrong? You betcha. Will I write a story about it soon? You know it.

For some reason my subconscious mind seems to love dystopian futures, as I have quite a few entries featuring dreams of such. Two of those dreams have produced the short stories Son of Woman and The Resistance, featured on Wattpad. Some of my dreams have given birth to characters I then shaped into form and used in my novels. In short, I never underestimate the power of the sleeping mind. There’s just no telling what my mind will pull from my subconscious, and I wanna be there with a butterfly net when the next idea breaks free.

What about you, writing peers? Do your dreams ever appear in your writing? I’d love to hear about it!




My name is Bard Constantine, and if you’re reading this you already know that Bard Writes Books.