The Darkest Champion

So the Darkest Champion is finished. Wrapped up. Completed. Brought to pass. Buttoned up.

You get the idea.

Now comes the question of a release date. So here’s the deal: it’s been entered and approved for the Kindle Scout program, allowing readers to preview and nominate the book for a deal with Kindle that includes an advance, great royalties and most importantly: marketing by Amazon.

And that’s something which would vastly improve my ability to reach out to a much greater amount of readers. Let’s face it, marketing is a slippery slope for most authors. Having even minimal support from a company like Amazon would make a huge difference.

So how can you as a reader contribute and benefit? It’s easy. All you have to do is visit the page for The Darkest Champion, check out the free excerpt (you can even download it to your Kindle reader), and NOMINATE the book. When it’s published, you get a FREE advance copy and the eternal gratitude of this author. Not to mention greater exposure means selling more books, granting me the ability to write and produce novels at a faster rate, which means you as a reader get more books and don’t have to wait forever to find out what happens next for your favorite characters.

Win-win for everyone!

So please visit the Kindle Scout page (, check out the preview and NOMINATE the book. If all goes well, you’ll be getting your advance copy very soon.

As a special bonus, everyone who nominates the book will received a signed paperback copy of both Darkest Champion and the debut novel Eye of Everfell once the contest ends on Nov. 29. Make sure to drop by my official website ( and drop a note at the contact page to enter. The book has to be approved by Kindle for you to win, so the more nominations, the better the chances of everyone scoring some loot.

Thanks to all who invest the time to nominate! As always, your support is greatly appreciated.

All the best,



Unfortunately the book was not picked up by Kindle Scout, but that’s ok. Now I can announce the official publication date, which is Dec. 21. More announcements to come!




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