What author doesn’t write with a movie in his head? Cinema has become so much a part of my creative process that I can’t help but to imagine a cast for the characters I create. The Eye of Everfell was no exception. The actual choice of actors turned out to be much harder than usual when I actually sat down to hatch this out. Perhaps because the story contains so many characters, and is wildly diverse as well. The result is a dream cast that would probably never work, but it’s certainly fun to imagine.

Eye of Everfell is an epic fantasy, filled with sprawling landscapes, diverse kingdoms and characters, and a high-stakes adventure that pits the ordinary against foes with godlike power. With The Darkest Champion only months away from its release, I thought I’d cast the first book to give an idea of who have in mind when I imagine these characters. Plus there’s the added bonus of going down as the cast with most difficult-to-pronounce names of all time. Lets see if you can get them all right!

Main Characters

Actor Benedict Cumberbatch poses for photographers as he arrives for the world premiere of
“I saved our people from destruction then, because I was willing to suffer for their sake. I am again willing to do so now. No matter what the cost. There is no one else who can.”

Benedict Cumberbatch as Alaric Aelfvalder

Alaric is a noble immortal lord, completely obsessed with overturning the curse that afflicts his people. He needs an actor that can convey the qualities of calm authority and power while still able to portray menace and subtle emotions. Cumberbatch’s slew of varied characters makes him a perfect fit for the role. Now read all of Alaric’s lines in Cumberbatch’s voice. (Runner up: Richard Armitage)

“The stories are all real, and I am in the middle of one. But I am no hero. I do not even know what tomorrow will bring.”

Saoirse Ronan as Nyori Sharlin

To be honest, I was at a total loss for the right actress to  play Nyori. So big thanks to H. Leighton Dickson (read her fantasy books, they’re wonderful) for her suggestion of Saoirse Ronan, who I immediately agreed was absolutely perfect for the role. Saoirse is a stunningly talented actress who looks precisely like the Nyori in my head. (Runner up: Elizabeth Olsen)

“You dream, knight. This is no minstrel’s tale. There will be no returning hero. My business is with the king. Everything else is ashes.”

Luke Evans as Marcellus Admorran

Take a look at the above picture. Notice the simmering anger and anguish in that gaze? Luke Evans is the perfect actor to play the noble and tormented fallen knight Marcellus. His talents were wasted in Dracula, but he definitely has leading man skills. Someone call his agent. (Runner up: Karl Urban)

“Your people were not driven from green lands into a wilderness where they had to hack out a living. And your people did not bleed as mine did. Generations pass, but we do not forget. The blood of the fallen still calls to us from the darkness of the past.”

Oscar Isaac as Valdemar Basilis

You need quite an actor to play a villain like Valdemar, the fiery warlord who believes that his path of brutal conquest is completely just. Not to mention becoming the archenemy of Marcellus Admorran. Oscar Issac has played complicated characters in his film career, and would be just the man to step into Valdemar’s shoes. (Runner up: Ironically, Luke Evans.)

Supporting Characters

“Such a typical human way of thinking. You chop off a finger and think the body will fall; chop off a branch and think you have felled the oak.”

Zhang Ziyi as Leilavin

I’ve always imagined Leilavin as a menacing geisha, so it’s natural to think of Zhang Ziyi in the role of the mysterious and deadly woman who may be an ally of Nyori…or a deadly foe.

“What you experienced is only a thread of a much larger tapestry. The akhkharu stir, and where they advance, like a shadow is the Reaver.”

Freida Pinto as Ayna Tllali

Freida Pinto is exactly how I imagine Ayna to look. Exactly. Mysterious and beautiful, as Nyori’s mentor she is the one person Nyori can fully trust, and is especially guarded with her powers and feelings. Her role will only grow more important in the upcoming novels. (Runner up: Rosario Dawson)

Rosamund Pike as Evelina Admorran

“They say death awaits the enemy who looks into your eyes. I look in them now, Sir Admorran. Am I to be afraid?

Evelina appears mainly in flashbacks, but she is the love that haunts Marcellus throughout the book. Rosamund Pike can play the good girl and bad girl equally well, which serves well in Evelina’s role. (Runner up: Kate Winslet)

“Is life then naught but a dream? Here for a moment, then fading with the dawn? My dreams keep me awake at nights of late, for they are filled with darkness and creeping things.”

Jeremy Irons is Regnault Lucretius

The ailing and possibly mad king Lucretius need to be played by someone with genuine gravitas. Jeremy Irons fits the bill, having the voice, physicality, and acting chops to portray a legendary king gone deranged. (Runner up: John Noble)

“I know you’re counting on your scrawny barmaid to fetch the Town Watch in time to save you, right? Might happen. But it might be you want the rest of the fingers on your hand, too. “

Rory McCann is Gile Noman

Known to most fans as the Hound in the Game of Thrones series, Rory has the looks and physical stature to play the duplicitous and always cunning Gile.

“I don’t know what foolishness my sister has you caught up in, but you should realize it has become much more dangerous.”

Shahid Kapoor is Nando Tllali

A renowned Bollywood actor, Shahid has the looks and talent to portray Ayna’s twin brother and protector of Nyori.

“We can talk that over if we live through the night. For now we must become as phantoms in darkness.”

Eric Schweig is Ironhide

Eric Schweig is probably best remembered for the handsome, stoic Native American overshadowed by Daniel Day Lewis in Last of the Mohicans. He would be perfect at his current age to play Nyori’s stoic guardian Ironhide.

“When something you love dearly is taken, you look for something to fill that gaping hole. Something to keep you from sinking into the depths of despair.”

Chiwetel Ejiofor is Ranubis

Chiwetel is known for his acting range and memorable characters. He would be fantastic as Ranubis, the Godslayer who leads a band of Huntsmen to slay the immortal akhkharu, or odji as he calls them. (Runner up: Idris Elba)

“I have not much except my sword and my skill at using it. Fortunately both are phenomenal.”

Jay Chou is Han

Jay Chou is best known to American audiences as playing Kato in the mediocre Green Hornet remake. He’s a bit older than I imagine Han, but I honestly don’t know any actors that young who can play the role of the wry but deadly Han.

“It is all right. I will not bite you.”

Katheryn Winnick is Meshella

Already famous for her role in Vikings, Katheryn could slip into Meshella’s boots and hardly miss a beat. She has both the beauty and ferocity to play the Huntsmen’s only female member.

“I shall acquaint you of the legends of Norland, where true warriors are made.”

Kristofer Hivju is Fregeror

Fregeror is a hulking Norlander, a warrior who lives to brawl. Kristofer Hivju already plays such a character in Game of Thrones. Bonus points for the red hair and beard.

o1 copy
“I ask only one thing of you: not to destroy us in your haste to usher in our deliverance.”

Tilda Swinton is Jacquelis

Tilda is such a talented actress, and chooses dynamic and memorable roles. She’d be perfect as Jacquelis, the matriarch of the Co’nane who offers blunt and sage advice to Alaric and fiercely protects the legacy of her people.

Olga Kurylenko 1979
“I won’t let it have you again. You should have never bargained for that weapon. It will be the death of you.”

Olga Kurylenko is Serona Bellesona

Serona has to be stunningly beautiful, and Olga fits the bill. She is also a talented actress, worthy of playing the other half of Alaric’s soul.

“This is what I am. What I was born for. I am the bared blade that defends the Dragon. I live and die at the command of my lord. My world is simple. Focused.”

Jason Mamoa is Ganbatar Basilis

Playing the older brother of Valdemar and General of the Dragonist Order requires an actor who can simmer and intimidate. Jason Mamoa simmers and intimidates.

“No, it is not a question of whether we will be fighting. It is a question of when, and how many will die.”

Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje is Dradyn

Adewale has both the stature and acting chops to play Dradyn, the fiercely loyal friend of Marcellus, and a deadly combatant as well.

“I have done as you commanded, Master. The fires started long ago have spread as you predicted. Soon they will rage beyond control.”

Eva Green is Masiki

Eva Green excels in playing mysterious and powerful women. She would be a knockout in the role of Masiki, the cunning and alluring High Lady that pulls the strings behind the scenes.

“Humankind is ever driven by storm and flame. They rage and blow about, heave and crash, burn and destroy.”

Tom Hiddleston is The Man with Mirrored Eyes

The Man with Mirrored Eyes is a mystery for now. But rest assured more will be learned about who he is, why he’s been imprisoned, and what his ultimate goal is. But Tom Hiddleston can take comfort in knowing his character will emerge as one for the ages. Or so says this completely biased writer, anyway. (Runner up: Nicholas Hoult)

And that’s my dream cast, ladies and gents. What do you think? Readers, do my choices come close to yours? Any jarring faces? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Never heard of Eye of Everfell? Pick up a copy and get caught up! And don’t forget to visit the Goodreads page. You can win a free paperback all next month, so don’t forget to enter.

And lastly, look for fast-approaching news about the sequel: The Darkest Champion. Cover reveal is coming soon, so stay tuned!

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