So…it’s June. That means the year is halfway over. Already. The Patriots won the Super Bowl. The Golden State Warriors won the NBA championship.  My TV shows all had their season finales. And me? I just finished a ‘marketing’ blitz for my latest release, The Most Dangerous Dame. All the momentum that propelled me the last couple of months ended with the release, leaving me in that strange in-between place. My mind automatically takes a break between projects. It’s necessary, because I get locked in once I get back into the next big thing. I need a breather in order to hit the reset button on my brain, especially since I’m switching genres from sci-fi/dieselpunk to fantasy. it’s just strange that this happens in June. There’s literally nothing on TV right now (I really need to get Netflix) and summer movie season had strangely become this thing where I devour a movie like Jurassic World, thoroughly enjoy it, and promptly eject it from my mind once it’s over. Not sure if the constant bombardment of special effects are simply overloading my brain, but they just don’t stay with me anymore. Strange, but true.

Pretty much Hollywood’s summer movie wet dream. Brain…can’t…take the…punishment!

So: no TV, no blow-your-mind movies in the near future. What’s a man to do to get a creative jolt these days? Guess I just gotta wing it. So the year is halfway over. The good news is I’m right in line with my yearly goals. The bad news is I’m still not a bestselling author with movie deals and bags of cash to trip over on the way to the fridge at night. Still working on that. In the meantime, this year is still looking to be an epic one for my publishing efforts. Next up is the September release of The Darkest Champion, sequel to last year’s Eye of Everfell novel. And hopefully we’ll close the year out with Torment of Tantalus, the Aberration sequel. Might even see a Troubleshooter short project tossed in for the heck of it. How are things going for you mid-year? Hot enough for you? Somebody crank up the air conditioner… Miss this year’s releases? No problem:

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