So after only a minor delay, The Most Dangerous Dame release has finally arrived!

What is The Most Dangerous Dame? Only the continuing misadventures of Mick Trubble—private eye of the future. In this sequel to the debut novel New Haven Blues, Mick finds himself in the cross-hairs of a shadow antagonist with a deadly and personal vendetta against him and anyone he’s involved with. Mick can remember everything except his past, but it looks like his past has come back to haunt him with a vengeance.

The world of the Troubleshooter is a potent blend of old-school noir and pulp action with a futuristic kick. Bogart meets Blade Runner, in other words. In the dystopian city of New Haven, people with no one else to turn to give the Troubleshooter a call. But who does Mick Trubble call when he’s at the end of his rope?

Find out in The Most Dangerous Dame.

The Most Dangerous DameSmall

Congrats to Jed Baker for scoring a 11X16 noir photo print from JerseyStyle Photography. And thanks to Mark Krajnak for sponsoring the contest!

Congrats to the Goodreads contest winners on scoring your copies in the giveaway. Your books will ship within the week!

And finally, much thanks and gratitude to the fans and readers of the Troubleshooter. Couldn’t do it without you, and I truly hope you’ll enjoy this new installment. I personally think it’s the best one yet!

Confused? Don’t be: check the official Troubleshooter website to get caught up.