Ok, so today was supposed to be the release day of Most Dangerous Dame. Events have forced a short delay to May 25, but there’s no reason to panic. Today we get to cast the debut novel: New Haven Blues. Some of the casting was done in the first article from Red-Eyed Killer, and those casting choices will carry over here. With no further ado, here is your fabulous cast:

Aaron Eckhart is Mick Trubble

He shoots trouble.

Other than casting Mark Krajnak (the chum and photographer on every Troubleshooter cover and piece of promo art), Aaron Eckhart has got to be the man for the title role. Given his choice of characters and acting chops, playing Mick Trubble would fit him like a glove. Someone call his agent.

Rachel Weisz is Ms. Kilby

Rachel Weisz - Wicked Wednesday Woman
Cool, calm, collected, and coy.

Rachel Weisz has the beauty and brains to put in as the ultra-cool, never ruffled, mysterious Ms. Kilby, who appears in Mick’s office and persuades him to take the wildest case of his life.

Sendhil Ramamurthy is Poddar

I honestly had to look up an actor for Poddar, since (unfortunately) actors of Indian descent are yet to be household names. But Sendhil has a great resume of character work in shows like Heroes and Covert Affairs, and should definitely work as the stoic Poddar, who watches both Ms. Kilby’s and Mick’s backs.

Alan Cumming is Danny the Daisy

When if comes to playing the flamboyant, over-the-top assassin, the first name that came to mind was Alan Cumming, who’s made a career of playing similar characters.

Anthony Mackie is Tommy Tsunami

Tommy Tsunami is a smooth criminal. Menacing yet strangely cordial, he’s also highly intelligent and power-hungry. Anthony Mackie has proven he has what it takes to play this kind of character.

Bryce Dallas Howard is Angel


Mick’s sometimes-gal is a natural redhead with class and style. Not to mention a bold streak that allows her to play multiple sides in the tangled alliances of the story. Bryce Dallas would be perfect for the part.

Blah Blah Blah are The Gutter Girls


It really doesn’t matter who plays the Gutter Girls. So long as they look something like the above.

Uma Thurman is Selene

Selene is mysterious and deadly, the head of an organization of female spies and assassins called the Gutter Girls. She has a personal vendetta in the novel, and she proves to be as dangerous as she is beautiful. The lovely and talented Uma Thurma has all the qualities to pull off the role.

Ethan Hawke is Frankie Newman

Frankie Newman changes roles from homeless bum to brilliant scientist in the blink of an eye, all while hiding an entirely different role in the story. A chameleon character needs a worthy actor, and Ethan Hawke is the man for the part.

Micheal Fassbender is Hunter Valentino

Absinthe, anyone?

Micheal Fassbender has already proven he can play an eerie synthetic human, so it should prove no problem to pull of Mick Trubble’s eerie synoid counterpart. Why put a proven box office star in such a small role? Because it will pay off later on in the series. Trust me.

Ben Foster is Rob the Cowboy

3:10 To Yuma

To play a character like the Cowboy you need an actor with the right blend of skills. Not to mention a yahoo accent. Ben Foster can pull it off in spades.

John Noble is Dr. Faraday

Dr. Faraday is undeniably brilliant and so feared by his captors that they lock him away to keep him from interfering with their plans. John Noble plays brilliant characters well, whether good or evil. He’s perfect to depict Dr. Faraday.

Stephen Lang is Captain Graves


Captain Graves is one tough old man. Stephen Lang is one tough old…you get the point.

Carla Gugino is Detective/Captain Kennedy

Detective Kennedy gets a promotion rather quickly in the novel. What’s her endgame? We’l have to see, but in the meantime I’m sure Carla Gugino (thanks, Mark!) is the dame to depict the mysterious Kennedy.

Emma Rossum is Natasha Luzzatti

Emma Rossum has just the right look of innocence allure to play the gal Mick looks out for. Her role is small in this novel, but definitely expands in the next.

Morgan Freeman is Mayor Beck

Because… why the heck not? Morgan Freeman seems to be taking any and every role these days, and he instantly classes up any film he’s in. Plus it’s a kick to read Beck’s lines with Freeman’s voice. Call his agent!

So, what do you think? Anyone you have in mind that’s different? Let me know in the comments. And don’t forget to pick up The Most Dangerous Dame on May 25th!

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