The Troubleshooter
The debut novel: it all started here.

Time to dust off your noir detective lingo. May is officially Mick Trubble Month. The Troubleshooter returns in an all-new thriller: The Most Dangerous Dame. So let’s open up things with a little question and answer:

Q) What is the Troubleshooter?

A) The official website states it best: “The concept of The Troubleshooter is retro-futurism, or dystopian noir as coined by the author, Bard Constantine. It’s taking the grit, slang, vibe and look of the 30s pulp and hardboiled detective stories and dropping all of that in a Blade Runner styled future. So you get your jazz and bourbon, trench coats and fedoras, dames and gangsters along with your flying cars, synthetic humanoids, and towering cities protected by invisible shielding.”

Q) What’s the new novel about?

A) The story picks up shortly after the events of the debut novel. Mick has little time to digest the revelations of the New Haven Blues Case. After a chance meeting with an old flame, he is sucker-punched by being framed for her murder. In no time his mission to clear his name gets him tangled with the Mafia on one side and the police on the other. Even worse is the growing realization that the mysterious killer is someone Mick has ties with, a vengeful ghost with an agenda that includes making Mick the most miserable man in the world.

Caught up in a deadly game of cat and mouse, Mick is forced to change the rules in order to come out ahead. His desperation will bring him ever closer to truths about his past that he never wanted to unearth, and face to face with someone he never expected to see again. With time running out, his chances for survival grow ever slimmer. One way or another, everything will come down to a deadly encounter with the most dangerous dame.

Q) When will The Most Dangerous Dame be published?

A) The new novel will be released May 18, 2015. Load your pistols and polish your bourbon glasses.

Q) Stop stalling. When do we get to see the new cover?

A) Right now. As always, this stunning piece of art is credited to Stefan (, a man so talented that he scorns the use of a last name. Featuring Mark Krajnak (, a man so cool that he doesn’t even need to show his face for us to know he’s Mick Trubble. Lot’s of things to love about this cover, so take it all in:

The Most Dangerous DameSmall

Q) Ok, how do I get my hundred copies?

A) The novel will be available May 25 in print and for Kindle, but you can score a free copy in the Goodreads giveaway. Enter it here:

In closing, I want to thank the readers of the Troubleshooter for their constant support. You guys and gals are the best. More to come as we count down to the release date. See you soon!