I’m very proud to be a part of a groundbreaking new publishing effort: The Prometheus Saga.

What is the Prometheus Saga: 13 short stories released the same day. 12 authors. One character.

That’s right: one character examined by 12 different writing minds, at entirely different times from modern-day back to the dawn of man. The stories cross genre and gender, making each one entirely different while remaining linked to the title character. The possibilities are endless.

My contribution to the Saga is The Blurred Man:

FBI agent Dylan Plumm’s investigation of a mill explosion puts her on the trail of the Blurred Man, a mysterious individual who may have been on Earth for centuries. The case turns deadlier at every turn, placing Dylan in the cross-hairs of shadowy antagonists even as she unravels a centuries-old mystery.

I hope that you are able to check out the story, as well as those of the other authors in the series. Not only are they a steal at 99 cents, they are written by a diverse pool of award-winning authors. For more info be sure to check out the official website.