This year I resolve to…

Forget all that.

Let’s face it: today is the tomorrow of yesterday, and by tomorrow it will be yesterday. Unless you’re going Back To the Future, which in part 2 went into 2015, which wasn’t much like the 2015 that we see right now. Of course that was October 2015, so we still have time.

The point is, the only thing a New Year is good for is setting up a 365 day timetable to plan out your goals. At least that’s how I see it. And since this blog is about writing-related topics, here’s my writing timetable/goals for this year.


January is all about The Alvarium Experiment, specifically the Prometheus Experiment. Fourteen authors collaborating on a single character, resulting in a flurry of individual stories connected by a common thread. You’ve never read anything like it. Unless of course you went back the future. The Prometheus Saga launches this month. My installment is called The Blurred Man, which also serves as a bridge from The Aberration to its upcoming sequel. The Prometheus Saga begins in just a few weeks, keep your eyes peeled.


Let’s skip ahead five months. May is Troubleshooter Month, featuring the anticipated return of Mick Trubble in his newest adventure: The Most Dangerous Dame, launching May 18. There will be related Troubleshooter projects, contests, and giveaways all month long. So mark your calendars, load your revolvers, and get ready for some serious Trubble.


In September we return to the world of Erseta with The Darkest Champion: Book 2 Of the Shadow Battles. Directly continuing the events of Eye of Everfell, we find out the fates of Nyori, Marcellus, and their inevitable confrontation with Alaric, the Pale Lord.

Thought you’d be seeing the new cover? You have to wait for that, my friends.


December will see another sequel, this time to The Aberration. In Torment of Tantalus, the origins of Guy and the source of the Aberration will be explored as the US government unwittingly attempts to open a doorway to the Other side. Terror obviously ensues.


And there you have it. Last year I published one title. This year it will be four if all goes well. Hang on to your butts.

You will be. I guarantee it.