I’ve decided to stop procrastinating and set an actual date for the release of my next novel, Eye of Everfell. Not only does this give me a reason to stop tinkering with endless edits and revisions, but it allows for a timetable to be established for the inevitable marketing that’s associated with publishing a new release. And so the date has been decided:


A few facts about Eye of Everfell:

Genre: Fantasy (sub-genre: epic or high fantasy depending on how you look at it.) It is the first of series, with five installments to follow in e-book format, and in print format three novels combining two installments apiece. I’ve given a lot of tormented concentration on a proper description, which is harder than it seems. Probably a main reason I hate writing query letters. But if you were to crack open the book and read the inside jacket or rear cover, this would be what you might get:

“In the sprawling kingdom of Leodia, a tempest gathers. Not of wind and rain, but of chaos. In a world where the actions of one person can impact kingdoms, several individuals are pulled into a conflict that will rock the foundations of their world.

An immortal lord risks everything to cure his people of their terrible curse. A newly anointed seeress discovers a powerful artifact that may throw the world into ruin. And a fallen knight pursues a path of vengeance that threatens to consume all that he has suffered for.

Their lives intersect along with others: men who shift their shapes with a thought, an ambitious and brutal warlord fixated on conquest, a cunning agent with duplicitous loyalties, a crimson-eyed mistress whose name means Death, and a band of skilled fighters who dare to hunt the immortal. The resulting maneuvers for position and power will pull the entire kingdom in a vortex where no outcome is predictable, and even the best intentions can go horribly awry.”

So what comes next? The manuscript will be professionally edited by Todd Barselow in mid-September, leaving me up to the start of December to make the necessary revisions that he will no doubt point out. This will also allow time to do a bit of pre-release hype, choose and/or commission the cover art, and all-in-all assure that the novel will be as professional and flawless as humanly possible by the time it drops.

 In the meantime, stay tuned for more updates along with excerpts, story art, the official cover reveal, and more.

What do you think? Does the above description sound interesting to you? What do you look for in a fantasy novel? I’d love to hear your thoughts!